What an amazing product…. Your teeth will love you for this!! And it will change your life!!

With no nasty products and great inclusions like Coconut oil and bentonite clay, your teeth will be Whiter and Brighter and much healthier. This range started off as a simple home remedy created by  mum for her child’s sensitive teeth. It has since grown and been shared with the world!

We want to share it with you!! All of the girls here in the spa have tried this Vegan, Cruelty Free, gluten free Non GMo product!! And we love it!

Use the tooth whitening powder once a week along with the toothpaste each day for a deep clean!

If you drink coffee, let’s face it, most of us do…… This will freshen up your teeth in as little as 2 uses!!

If you don’t believe us… Come in and try for yourself!!